Our system

Our system sells tickets and travel insurance policies. It is also capable of managing transport fleet. System has been designed for use by companies which
provide an offer (be it tickets or insurance) and the tourist agencies which want to sell that offer. Using our system coach transport companies receive
user-friendly application allowing them to manage their sales network and extend service flexibility with the use of coach management module. As of today, almost 100% of polish coach transport companies and over 4000 tourist agencies cooperate with us.
At the same time we introduced to the system sale of the pre-paid phone cards.

A few words about strategy
As an IT company we create software, but our operations are not limited to selling the system. Such approach would leave our partners with a problem of
obtaining appropriate antivirus and tools software, ensuring data security, finding special equipment and probably hiring an employee responsible for technical administration. We know very well how expensive it is! We offer an
easier and cheaper solution: we do it all for our clients. Those who
entrusted us know we are really good at it.

We believe a modern system must first of all be stable, so taht it can guarantee full data security. Therefore we have decided to base the core of our technology
on Unix operating system, which has proven track record of stability and resistance to viruses. euroTICKET uses DB2 database system from IBM, which ensures maximum scalability. We also use 128-bit data encoding system, so the data is protected by additional layer of security. Our network architecture is based on several servers placed in different locations and with separated power sources.Since the servers work in parallel, our service is still running even if one of the servers goes temporarily off-line. To manage data access properly we have created hierarchical system of access authorization.

Our system works with an outstanding speed thanks to our own data transfer
modifications. Thanks to that, it is possible to use the system even if the user accesses internet over the dial-up modem. euroTICKET guarantees low operating cost: customers do not need to buy expensive equipment, make costly
improvements and upgrades or employ an additional network administrator. Our customers can devote all their time to their daily operations.

Intuitive operation
Our partners encouraged us to make our system as much user-friendly as possible.
We have based euroTICKET system on a Windows application, which guarantees easy,intuitive operation. Because we constantly listen to our clients' demands over
the time we added new functionality and features.