Coach companies

Coach  companies

We are a market leader in sale of coach tickets. We cooperate with almost 100% of carriers in Poland and with over 4000 tourist agencies. Throughout a year we sell in excess of several million of tickets via euroTicket system.
We've gained considerable experience cooperating with carriers and tourist agencies, upporting them in the process of development and providing the most functional solutions. There are companies which only contact with customers is limited to sale of software. Our strategy is different: we are not interested in short-term relationships - we want to be experts for customers who use our system. We know the transport market and we have team of excellent IT specialists, therefore we can share our expertise with our customers, letting them fully concentrate on their

Your offer in the best possible place
Over 4000 tourist agencies cooperate with us. We are really glad these agencies consider euroTicket the best tool in their daily work, the tool which accounts for
about 80% of all the tickets they sell. They appreciate user-friendliness and therefore the ability to service more customers in the same time. It is vital for them that
the system gives them access to tickets of over 80% of all carriers. Placing your offer in the system you are sure it has been placed in the best place possible.

Dynamic price management
Recently the market has become more competitive. The company's success depends on quick action to a much larger extent than it used to be. To give you the best
tool to respond to market demands, we've introduced dynamic prcie management. It enables you to modify the list of fares on the routes you service in a very simple and quick way. This way you can be always a step ahead of your competitors.

Try sales via www
Internet gives a chance to pursue new opportunities. More and more customers use this medium as an easiest to make purchases. We have prepared e-commerce application which will allow you to start selling tickets on your own internet site.

Sell till the last minute
Contemporary market requires flexibility and instant reaction from carriers. Especially for you, we have created route management modules. euroTICKET system works on-line, so you can systematically monitor the number of passengers and you can sell seats on your connections literally till the last minute.

Bus map
Bus map is an integral part of route management module. It is program which displays your routes graphically and allows you to assign seats with ease.

This program allows you to modify settings for your coaches, define capacity and other distinctive features. You can assign coaches to various groups (i.e. big coaches, small coaches) and manage transport services in an optimal way depending on the
number of passengers.

Tourist agencies network management
Managing a tourist agencies network (often a complex one) is a taks requiring a lot of work and undoubtedly time-consuming for your stafff. euroTICKET system
simplifies the process of settling accounts, granting authority to sell tickets, setting up commission for individual or group of agents, etc. Thanks to our system all agents use an uniform settling mechanism, automatically calculating commissions due. This allows you to avoid making costly mistakes and saves you

Don't worry
As a part of service we modify your schedules, fare lists, or terms and conditions of transportation. Additionally, apart from equipment and infrastructure
necessary for the system to operate, we provide you with technical aid (Help Desk). When it comes to the system, you only worry about coach services, we deal with the rest.

Be visible - advertising
Today everyone understands that without effective marketing it is not possible to function on the market. Thousands of companies run euroTICKET on daily basis.
Placing your advertising banner there will enhance your competitiveness.

Above we mentioned couple of advantages of euroTICKET system, if you would like to learn more you are welcome to contact our consultant from Customer Service Department who will introduce you to all features of the system, answer all the questions you
may have and explain all of the conditions of system use.