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We suggest you use the euroTICKET`s coach tickets sale web module.:

Description of the new WWW module.

    1. Each agent who has a contract with us to use the current euroTICKET`s system, can order module for use on its website. It is regarded as an additional service of the euroTICKET`s system and does not require signment of a separate agreement. If you do not have signed agreement with us yet, please generate it here.

    2. Agent receives a special sub-account in the euroTICKET`s system with the keyword "E-SALE-IT-WWW" in it's name.

    3. In the module you have the offer of all carriers - approx. 100 transport companies - that are available in the system euroTICKET

    4. The appearance of a new carrier in euroTICKET system will automatically result in the appearance of its offer in your WWW module.

    5. Passenger buys a ticket through web module, pays and settles transaction via PayU authorization center.

    6. Passenger prints ticket(s) which have ITSOFT as an issuer.

    7. All passenger`s questions, complaints, resolving issues in regards to transactions are handled by ITSOFT.

    8. At the end of each billing period you can print settlement raport (avialable after you login on our website under Website - Settlement in Customer Zone menu).

    9. There are no fees for using our web module.

Providing of this solution is FREE OF CHARGE.

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